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You can set your exercise to completed once you can sing it fluently and in tune.

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Click on the Hear button above the exercise.

Click on the Solfa button above the exercise.

Click on the Note Names button above the exercise.

This is all of the notes used in the exercise. Sing this first to get the notes of the exercises in your ears.

If you haven't had any experience sight singing it is best to start at the beginning, but if you have some experience you can choose to start anywhere.

This will depend on your past experience, musical aptitude and how long you spend practising. Remember it is best not to rush through, but rather practise each example until you can sing it confidently. Regular practise will give the best results.

Until you can sing it fluently and in tune. It may be necessary to practice each exercise several times until it is secure.

Part A

Unit 1 d r l il L q r
Unit 2 d r m
Unit 3 m s
Unit 4 m s l
Unit 5 d r m h w
Unit 6 d r m s
Unit 7 d r m s l
Unit 8 d r m f
Unit 9 d r m f s
Unit 10 r f interval within d r m f s h.

Part B

Unit 11 d r m f s l l il L h h. q w r
Unit 12 Y l. iil L. l z
Unit 13 t, d r m f s in major
Unit 14 l, t, d r m f s l in major
Unit 15 l t d r m f s l in minor
Unit 16 s, l, t, d r m f s l in major
Unit 17 Anacrusis (upbeat)
Unit 18 d r m f s l t d’
Unit 19 l. z

Part C

Unit 20 jjjl
Unit 21 ijl
Unit 22 R and ties
Unit 23 zl z
Unit 24 m, f, s, l in minor
Unit 25 Extending the range in major: s, - d’
Unit 26 Extending the range in major – low f,
Unit 27 More range extension in major and minor melodies
Unit 28 jil
Unit 29 z l.
Unit 30 Kl
Unit 31 Kil
Unit 32 A new melodic element – si (raised so)

Part D

Unit 33 Revision of known elements
Unit 34 jl in Y
Unit 35 t metre and Aeolian mode (natural minor)
Unit 36 Z at the start of a bar (or phrase)
Unit 37 A new melodic element – fi (raised fa) in major melodies
Unit 38 iil (triplets)
Unit 39 fi (raised fa) in minor
Unit 40 fi and si and the melodic minor scale
Unit 41 Melodies with octave jumps and large leaps
Unit 42 y metre
Unit 43 M metre
Unit 44 U metre
Unit 45 Mixolydian mode and introducing taw (lowered ti)
Unit 46 Phrygian mode (and taw in a different position)
Unit 47 Dorian mode
Unit 48 Lydian mode
Unit 49 Chromatic notes


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